Hey, it’s a hay spear!

We’ve all driven past those wide country roads where hay is loaded up into perfectly round bales that rest in the wind. It can really be a wonder how they got there in the first place, and the answer is through the use of bale spears, also called a hay spear kit.

Hay is nothing more than cut and dried up grass, that has been left out in the sun to dry and bake. As storing wet hay is something that most farmers avoid, because it can explode in the barn. Once hay has been cut, it is turned and raked in the sun to get rid of all the moisture and then it can be bailed.

hay spear kit.

Hay can be bailed in small cubes or in massive round bales, and should be bailed when it is dry and brittle. The bailing process is either done by hand or mechanically, and the mechanical bailing machine is pulled by a tractor to gather up the loose hay. Once the hay is bailed, the smaller cubes are all stacked atop one another and the larger bails are rolled into a barn.

Keeping the hay dry and in a warm area helps prevent water from leaking into them, and many farmers protect them from water with tarps. If the hay is stored outdoors, then tarps or netting will often cover the larger bales and they will be kept off of the ground by rocks to prevent water being soaked in by the bottom.

Then the hay can be stored and used, and it will still keep the same level of nutrients, so it can safely be sold to other farmers and given to animals. Then, the next cutting season happens and the process of making hay starts all over again.