How to Display Model Ships

So, you’ve built a model ship, and whether it’s a handcrafted sailing vessel or one of the more modern-day ships, you probably want to display it. The question is, how? Well, most ship models need to be protected from accidental bumps, dust, or younger family members who just see a fancy toy.

This is why most models are treated like museum pieces and placed under glass casings when they are on display. Building or buying a small pedestal for your handcrafted model ships and then placing them on sticks of wood almost makes it look like the ship is resting on a deck. Or you could use a custom stand for the same effect. Then rest a glass casing over it and ensure that it is belted in place.

In addition, once the model is set up, ensure that the inside of the case is relatively cool to prevent the model from being baked from the bottom, top, or sides. Then you can start adding accessories, such as a nameplate that displays the name of the model, and lighting that can be placed in the case to show off the ship’s finer points.

handcrafted model ships

If you want to go really crazy with the display, then you could even place your ship in a bottle. This is done by placing the ship’s bottom into the bottle and then using a string to pull up the masts and sails that are attached to the hull.

This is a difficult process and can be slightly confusing unless you are an expert and have appropriate timing, but will certainly cause an interesting story when someone asked how you did it. However, as long as the model is protected from dust and the elements and is kept at a reasonable temperature, you can display it however you like.