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Living a Christian life means that you always lend a helping hand to others in need. Where better to reach out to help than at the church where you attend weekly services? The church has many opportunities for its members to help out, and most require little or no money. When you help out around the church, it makes you feel wholesome and certainly keeps you close to Christ. Read below to learn six of the many ways you can help around at your local church and make a difference.

1.    Volunteer to help out when people are needed to clean the church, provide transportation, etc. It is nice to lend a hand whenever you can.

2.    Participate in events that take place at the church that make a difference to the congregation and to the community. Whether it is delivering meals to shut-ins or visiting the area hospitals and nursing homes to visit members, you can do your part.

3.    Perhaps you can donate some christian church supplies to your church. An abundance of supplies are needed to provide sermons, services, and classes so your contribution certainly makes a difference. You control what you donate and the amount of money that you spend when donating supplies.

4.    Mentoring young adults and delivering the word of Christ is yet another way to help out around the church and serve your Lord Jesus Christ. Many teens and young adults need a Christian adult to inspire them and you could very well be the perfect person to serve this need.

christian church supplies

5.    Invite other people to attend church and bring friends, neighbors, and others to service with you. The more who attend the church, the merrier to service!

6.    Lawn care is a need that every church has, especially during the summer.  Can you cut the grass and provide landscaping duties around the facility to minimize costs?

christian church supplies