A little bit of each, about Electronics Contract Manufacturing

This is about a little bit of each area about Electronics Manufacturing Services, or also called Electronics Contract Manufacturing.  In this article I’ll cover evaluation of an EMS provider’s Quality System, Business, Design Technology Abilities.

Contract manufacturers are numerous in number as there are easily a few thousand located on the face of the planet. And, while it’s not always clear whether its best to select a contract on www.electronic-design-manufacture.com manufacturing destination in a low-cost region [0], it can still be overwhelming to isolate a few, qualified contract manufacturers on a short list for OEM executives to consider further.

Below are numerous qualifications / capabilities executives might want to consider when in discussions with, and developing a criteria ‘checklist’ for, evaluating electronics contract manufacturing partners. While this list is fairly adequate, it certainly is not comprehensive.

A ranking, or ‘weighted value’, can be assigned to the level of compliance, for each degree of compliance, in each sub-category, to help executives qualify the overall degree to which a contract manufacturer meets either that specific criteria or, whether or not the contract manufacturer meets the executive’s criteria considerations, overall.  As executives wade through the detail that follows, keep in mind, it’s in everyone’s best interest to prevent the contract manufacturing relationship from failing.

Quality system

A. ISO9001 and other product-specific regulations
1. Has no plans, no accreditation
2. Working towards approval
3. Evaluation date confirmed and registrar identified
4. Approved or meets the requirements of ISO9001, etc…and has been accredited for less than 3 years
5. Approved or meets the requirements of ISO9001, etc…and has been accredited for 3 or more years

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